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About the book

‘THE DIARY OF A SNAKE CHARMER’ is a gripping tale that will leave a deep and positive influence on you. It is a book to recommend to your friends and loved ones.
Bharat is an entreprenuer, who starts a project in a bustling rural centre in India. It becomes a topic of contention with the political mafia. On a fateful night, a group of hired murderers chase him. He takes shelter in the hut of a poor tribal Snake Charmer, called Nagbaba.This act ties his fate to Nagbaba’s tribals.  In course of his struggle, Bharat becomes weaker and despairs, with nothing left except debts and dangers.
Nagbaba uses age old wisdom to help Bharat discover the inner strength to fight.  Nagbaba’s village, surrounded by dense Satpura forests, becomes the place for redemption and strength for Bharat. The two help each other discover a new world, overcome their fears, and chart a future. Before departing, Nagbaba makes an unexpected choice and leaves Bharat with a dilemma.

The story of Bharat’s fight is a compulsive reading with beautiful narration of the protagonist’s many experiences, relations and transformations. It opens the real India in all its splendor and contradictions. It will help one rediscover the lost beauty of life, and the treasure around each person.

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